Rank: Black Belt 
Style: Songham Taekwondo
Age Started: 5

Major Accomplishments:

  • 2019 ATA World Champion in Extreme Forms
  • 2019 US Capitol Classic China Open (6A NASKA Tournament) Grand Champion 10/11 Boys Sparring
  • 2019 Diamond Nationals Overall Grands  

Gavin first started training in martial arts when he was 5 years old living in Stonewall Louisiana. In 2016, his family moved to San Antonio, TX where he was enrolled in Victory Martial Arts (Songham Taekwondo in the ATA) after seeing a demonstration by Master Evan Turner (also teammate Kodi Molina’s main instructor).

Gavin earned his black belt in December of 2018 under Derek Frader. That same month he decided to compete for an ATA World Championship (which won him a world title), and started his black belt tournament season halfway through the season. Welcome to the team Gavin!

2020 Competition Results

2020 NASKA AKA Warrior Cup
  • Musical Forms – 1st
  • Creative Weapons – 2nd
  • Creative Forms – 2nd
  • CMX Grands – 2nd
2020 NASKA Compete Nationals
  • CMX Grand Champion
  • 1st Musical Forms
  • 1st Sparring short
  • 2nd Extreme Weapons
  • 2nd Creative Weapons
  • 2nd Extreme Forms
  • 3rd Creative Forms
  • 3rd Trad Forms
  • 5th Musical Weapons
  • 6th Trad Weapons
  • Night Show: Runner Up Overall Weapons
TKO Republic of Texas Karate Championships
  • 1st Creative Forms
  • 2nd Team Forms
  • 3rd Trad Forms
  • 4th Trad Weapons
  • Participant in 17 and under M/F Black Belt Grands