Macho Chest Guards are an essential part of Sparring Gear. They protect martial artists from misdirected strikes, and our custom designs offer easier adjustments and greater comfort.

Macho Sport Chest Guard

Ultra lightweight with excellent mobility.

  • Protection and shock resistance with high-density 1-inch thermoformed polyethylene.
  • The above-the-hip design reduces chest guard displacement when holding chamber positions.

Size         Width         Length
XS            17.5”           9 5/8”
S               19.75”         11”
M               24.5”          13.25”
L                26.75”         14.5”
XL              29”              16”

Width is measured from the end of the wings. Length is measured from the center of the neckline down to the lowest point.

Model: SKCGCV2
Price: $86.40