With 2020 in full swing we wanted to reconnect with some of our Team Macho members and learn what they have planned for the new year. Read our interview with members Ashley and Ryker to see what their goals are for 2020, and how they got to where they are today.

1. When you first started practicing martial arts, was there anything specific you wanted to learn?

Ryker Weaver: When I first started practicing martial arts the main thing that I wanted to learn was Kamas! I wasn’t very interested in specific tricks or kicks, but I was extremely interested in the weapons. I remember watching Rudy Reynon and he eventually became my weapons coach. Kamas has been my favorite weapon ever since.

Ashley Lima: No, there was nothing specific I wanted to learn in the martial arts. I got the opportunity to take karate because of my grandfather. Karate classes were my 8th birthday present and I don’t think anyone would have thought then how important karate would be in my life. I was a very shy and quiet kid and hadn’t really found anything that interested me until that point. When I was younger, I just thought karate class was fun. As an adult, you realize how much it can shape your daily life and for some becomes a life long commitment. 

2. Did you have any goals last year? If so, what were they and did you achieve them?

Ryker Weaver: Last year my goal was to just make it on the Night Show at every tournament I went to. I didn’t care if I won or not, I just wanted to be up there. I went to 7 tournaments last year and out of those 7 I was on stage 4 times. I almost achieved my goal! I was just happy to be up there and perform.

Ashley Lima: My one goal last year was to go back to school and I did achieve that. I took one class last fall and will be taking a second one starting on the 21st of January!

3. What are your goals for this year?

Ryker Weaver: My goal for this year is to not only be a top competitor, but a top coach! I want my students and fellow team members to crush this year! At the tournaments I love when I get on stage, but I get way more excited and happy when I see my students up there. I will do everything I can to help prepare them and support them.

Ashley Lima: My goal this year is to get into nursing school and to start my career change to be a nurse practitioner.