This past weekend the Macho team attended the Diamond Nationals in Minneapolis, MN, where 3 of our Team Macho athletes were competing. We all had a fantastic time at this event, and it was the first time our newest member, Gavin, was competing as part of Team Macho. Overall they won 2 Grands & Diamond rings as well as several placings. See the full results below along with some photos of the Macho family!

Gavin Richmond

  • 13/under Boys Forms Grand Champion
  • 13/under CMX Forms Grand Champion
  • 1st Place Creative Forms
  • 2nd Place Fighting
  • 3rd Musical Forms
  • 3rd Extreme forms
  • Finalist Musical Weapons
  • Finalist Creative Weapons
  • Finalist Extreme Weapons

Ryker Weaver

  • 3rd Place Creative Forms
  • 4th Place Extreme Weapons

Emma Cullinan

  • 14-15 Girls Fighting Grand Champion
  • 1st Place 14-15 Girls Short Fighting