Rank: 2nd Degree Black Belt
Style: Songahm Taekwondo
Age Started: 2 years old
Age Became a Black Belt: 10

Recent titles:
  • ATA Sync World Champion
  • 2019 Compete Internationals Men’s CMX World Title
  • NASKA 2019 Chicago 2nd in the Men’s Weapons Division

Ryker comes from a family of dedicated martial artists and grew up practicing in their studio at just 2 years old. With multiple 1st places and already 1 world title, he is driven to continue the sport because he loves it and has a great time competing with other talented individuals. Ryker says that one of the most rewarding aspects of competing is the ability to inspire and encourage children from all over the world, and will strive to be a great role model for them to look up to.

See Him in Action

2020 Competition Results

2020 NASKA AKA Warrior Cup
  • Creative Forms: 1st
  • Creative Weapons: 2nd
  • Extreme weapons: 4th
  • Musical form: 4th
2020 NASKA Compete Nationals
  • 1st Creative Bladed Weapons
  • 3rd Creative Forms