Rank: 1st Degree Black Belt
Style: Taekwondo
Age Started: 2
Age Became a Black Belt: 7

His accomplishments include:

  • 3 x World Champion
  • 2019 Traditional Weapons League World Champion
  • 2019 Traditional Forms League World Champion
  • 2019 Musical Forms League World Champion
  • 2019 WKC Team USA
  • 2019 WKC Creative Weapons Silver Medalist
  • 2019 WKC Extreme Forms Silver Medalist
  • 2019 NBC’s Americas Got Talent, Season 14 (Televised Performance)
  • 2019 AKA (NASKA) 13 and Under Overall Weapons Mini Warrior Cup Champion
  • 2019 Traditional Forms Grand Champion, AKA Warrior Cup
  • 2019 CMX Weapons Grand Champion, AKA Warrior Cup
  • 2018 6 x NASKA National Top Ten

At just 7 years old, Michael “Super Bomb” Molina is already known for his strength, explosion, and intensity as a martial artist. As the newest and youngest member of Team Macho, Michael has done a great job of balancing his love of martial arts with his studies and community outreach.

Most notably, Michael performed on Season 14 of NBC’s hit television show, America’s Got Talent (AGT), where he was challenged to create a new routine that would synchronize martial arts moves with the ShowTime mantra in only 24 hours! Throughout his auditions, Michael has continued to enhance his performances with additional showmanship and more complex martial arts routines, as well as showing the non-martial arts world his passionate and charismatic personality. We are happy to have you on the team Michael, and are excited to see what you do next!

2020 Competition Results

2020 NASKA AKA Warrior Cup
  • Musical Forms: 1st
  • Traditional Weapons: 1st
  • Extreme Weapons: 2nd
  • Sparring: 2nd
  • Musical Weapons: 3rd
  • Traditional Forms: 3rd
  • Extreme Forms: 4th
  • RunOffs:
  • Traditional Weapons: run offs 3rd
  • CMX Forms: Run Offs 4th
2020 NASKA Compete Nationals
  • Creative Weapons: 1st
  • Traditional Weapons: 1st
  • Extreme Weapons: 2nd
  • Musical Weapons: 2nd
  • Musical Forms: 2nd
  • Extreme Forms: 3rd
  • Sparring: 3rd
  • Traditional Forms: 5th
  • RunOffs:
    • Traditional Weapons: 3rd
    • CMX Weapons: Drop
2020 TKO Republic of Texas Karate Championships
  • 1st Trad Forms
  • 1st CMX Forms
  • 1st Sparring
  • 1st CMX Weapons
  • 2nd Trad Weapons
  • Participant in 17 and under M/F Black Belt Grands

See Him in Action

Michael Molina | 9 & Under Extreme Weapons | 2020 AKA Warrior Cup | Video of the Day
Team Macho’s Kodi Molina and Michael Molina (2019 WKC World Championship and League World Finals)