The new year brings new year goals, and with them a time when we look back on the past year and whether or not we achieved the goals we initially set for ourselves. If you read our earlier blog post then you saw that our Team Macho members are no strangers to setting goals. It is the key to their success, as the goals they set in the beginning of the year serve as their guide through the rest of it.

But what if we aren’t used to chasing after a specific goal or dream? How can we make sure we succeed?

Don’t stress! We’ve put together a foolproof plan to help you stay on track with whatever goal you are setting for yourself this year. Whether it is learning a new language, mastering a specific martial arts skill, or wanting to change a habit, see how you can keep your New Year’s resolutions below.

Write Them Down

To start off you will need to write down what it is you want to achieve. Put it on a sticky note in your bedroom mirror so you can see it every day, or write it in a journal so you can go back to it and remind yourself why you want to achieve those goals.

The point with this step is to write the goals down so they become something REAL – and not just a random thought in your head!


Now that you’ve written down your goals, go through the list and rank them in order of importance. This will help you organize your strategy so that you can stay focused on just one goal at a time. 

To start, ask yourself which goals are truly important to you, or if it is something you HAVE to do. If that doesn’t apply to your situation, then focus on the ones you are most excited about. You can use this energy to start off strong, and then keep that momentum going for the rest of your goals!

Make a Plan

They key to achieving your new year’s resolutions is to make them part of your daily routine. You will want to set aside time each day or week to focus on your goal so that it becomes more like a hobby. Scheduling it ahead of time will make you more likely to follow through with working on your goal when the time comes, as you are not leaving it up to whether or not you feel like doing it.

Set a Deadline

Tying into making your plan is also setting a deadline of when you want to achieve your goal(s) by. If you maintain the mindset that you have the entire year to achieve them then before you know it that year will have already passed.

By giving yourself a timeline of where you want to be by a certain month you are creating a sense of urgency – which is a great motivator for getting things done!

Check in regularly

To keep you on track with your timeline we recommend you schedule mini check-ins in your calendar. Set an alert that week or day to remind yourself about your goal if you have forgotten it, or to see how close you are to achieving it.


Whenever you finally accomplish your goal(s) make sure you take a second to feel good about what you’ve done – maybe even telling your friends and family about your success. Small wins lead up to big progress overtime, and the words of encouragement you are bound to receive from them can keep you motivated to continue on with the rest of your resolutions.

By following this plan of attack you are bound to keep your New Year’s resolutions throughout 2020, so what are you waiting for? Get started on achieving your goals today!

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