Everyone loves the holiday season, and what better time of year than now to bring your students, family, and friends together? Hosting a holiday party at your school is a great way to get everyone involved. Not sure where to start? We’ve got 4 fun ideas you can use at the party to inspire your students with some martial arts cheer!

Bring Santa to the Party

The first thing you can do to get everyone in the spirit is to dress up as Santa in our red Macho Traditional Middleweight uniform.Just add a hat and a jolly white beard and you’re ready to show them how much Santa knows about martial arts! Your students will get a kick out of seeing Santa wearing a traditional gi.

Pin the Black Belt on the Reindeer

In addition to a having a bright red nose, Rudolph knows karate! Get crafty with construction paper and double stick tape and have your students pin the most prestigious rank belt to their merry reindeer friend.

Holiday Treats That Are Sure to be a “Hit”

Put a playful spin on some holiday favorites with these fun and easy to make snack ideas! Ninjabread men take the classic gingerbread cookie and give it a fun karate twist. You can use these NINJABREAD Men cookie cutters to get the perfect shape, or just dress them up in a martial arts uniform made out of icing instead of the typical gum drop buttons.

To go with your ninjabread men, serve a festive holiday drink that will pack a punch. A hydrating drink is a great way to fuel a martial arts class, while the festive color will inspire holiday merriment.

Apply Fun Holiday Themes to Class Activities

Instead of the normal class activities you typically do, go a more playful route and do some holiday ones instead. Show kids how to stretch like a Christmas tree with their legs apart and their hands making a point high above their heads. Turn your Macho Kids Kicking Shield into the Grinch and watch as they have a merry kick-mas time! 

The Best Gift this Holiday Season: Confidence

Last but not least, when it comes to your marketing messages at this time of year, focus on informing parents that the gift of martial arts is the best gift they can give their children. It teaches self-discipline and socialization skills that are vital in developing minds. Providing kids with confidence, self-esteem, and important life lessons through martial arts classes and equipment will be the best gift any kid will unwrap this holiday season.

Have a fun, festive, and martial arts-tastic holiday season and don’t forget to check out the Macho Martial Arts Holiday Sales Guide and to stay up to date with our special sales!