Everyone knows that Macho Martial Arts has some of the safest gear out there, but have you ever wondered why?

Macho’s commitment to solving the need for safety in martial arts sparring was the driving force for the many innovations that positioned Macho as a leader in product development, cutting-edge design, and superior performance. Our product line puts safety and quality first, and many of our innovations have been copied time and time again by competitors. Because of this dedication to quality, customers who buy from Macho continue to buy our products, and leading martial artists prefer Macho’s martial arts products above all others.

Our flagship product line – Macho Dyna – set the standard for martial arts safety and competition back when it was first released in 1981. Before Master Cho created this line of gear, martial artists had little to no protection. This lack of safety led to numerous injuries that could have been prevented if proper gear had been available, and it was because of this need for safety that Macho Martial Arts was born.

Our Dyna sparring gear paved the way for safety in martial arts due to a number of safety features developed by Master Cho that had never before been seen in martial arts gear. It is made of high quality, shock absorbent foam with ear-release canals for added protection to eardrums during sparring. Its design also allows air to flow through the head gear so that heat can escape.

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That same year Macho also patented the finger grip design found in most punches today. Called the Dyna Punch, its design was meant to add durability and flexibility while keeping fingers in place for various hand techniques. Its vinyl finger grips replaced the more troublesome laces that were being used until it was created, and it came with vinyl straps that went across the palm to make a more secure fit.

In 1985 Macho added the Dyna Kick to its line of sparring gear, which featured a patented laceless design that is now an industry standard. These laceless kicks feature Macho’s signature crisscross strapping with hook and loop closure for a snug and secure fit, and is constructed of high density 7/8” foam that provides extra shock absorption for the feet. The Dyna Kick provides excellent foot protection for athletes who want to keep their bare feet on the mat during sparring.

In 1992 Macho introduced the first molded chest guard with layered protection to the martial arts market. Our Macho Chest Guard has three layers of protection for greater shock disbursement for athletes, including 2 densities of foam and a hidden plastic trauma shield between them.

Finally, in the year 2000 Macho Martial Arts became a member of the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM), through which we created a committee comprised of martial arts professionals and industry leaders to study safety standards for martial arts equipment. Together we passed a standard specification for protective headgear used in martial arts, which was the result of a long-term strategy by Macho to standardize the minimum safety requirements followed by all manufacturers of martial arts headgear.

If you would like to learn more about Macho’s rich history of innovation, you may pull up our company timeline to see how we’ve evolved over the past 40 years.