The final weekend of January was pretty busy for Team Macho. Not only did we have four members competing in the AKA Warrior Cup, but our coach Christine Bannon-Rodrigues also attended the Action Martial Art Hall of Fame Mega Weekend. Kodi Molina and Ryker Weaver both competed on stage at the finals, and Michael Molina won the 2019 Warrior Cup Mini award for -13 CMX Weapons! 

Check out the official results and some pictures from each event below! 

Gavin Richmond

  • Musical Forms: 1st
  • Creative Weapons: 2nd
  • Creative Forms: 2nd
  • CMX Grands: 2nd

Kodi Molina

  • Extreme Weapons: 1st
  • Traditional Weapons: 1st
  • Creative Forms: 1st
  • Sparring: 1st
  • Open Weight Sparring: 1st
  • Grand champion Traditional Weapons
  • CMX Weapons: grands runner up
  • CMX Forms: grands finalist
  • Musical Weapons: 2nd
  • Creative Weapons: 2nd
  • Musical Forms: 2nd
  • Traditional Forms: 3rd

Ryker Weaver

  • Creative Forms: 1st
  • Creative Weapons: 2nd
  • Extreme weapons: 4th
  • Musical form: 4th

Michael Molina

  • Musical Forms: 1st
  • Traditional Weapons: 1st
  • Extreme Weapons: 2nd
  • Sparring: 2nd
  • Musical Weapons: 3rd
  • Traditional Forms: 3rd
  • Extreme Forms: 4th
  • RunOffs:
  • Traditional Weapons: run offs 3rd
  • CMX forms: run offs 4th

Action Martial Art Hall of Fame Mega Weekend 2020

The Action Martial Art Hall of Fame Mega Weekend is the world’s largest grouping of martial arts super stars, film & combat celebrities, and renowned masters from around the world. This event serves a way for everyone to gather, meet, greet and share with the thousands who congregate from around the globe in Atlantic City for what is colloquially referred to as “The Academy Awards of Martial Arts.” With over 1,200 in attendance at the banquet alone, this combined event is listed as both the largest single banquet gala in Atlantic City, and the world’s largest assembly of celebrities, champions, suppliers and movers and shakers in martial arts.

This year Team Macho Coach Christine Bannon-Rodrigues became the newest member of the Philadelphia Historic Martial Arts Society Hall of Fame.